Winter Team

Johan Brolenius
Johan BroleniusHead Ski Coach
The person that organizes and helps during the winter season. As a previous world cup skier with great successes, we will be able to learn a lot. Former head coach of the Swedish Men Team. He knows what skiing is about and what it takes to be a top athlete, and we´re glad to learn from his previous experiences.

Summer Team

Jeroen Dingemans
Jeroen DingemansHead Physical Coach
The person that coordinates our summer training. He is the one setting out our program to get us in shape for the new season. He is not only a good motivator, but also an ex-athlete. So he knows what it’s like and what it takes to be a sportsman, and gladly shares his experiences.
Griet Dingemans
Griet DingemansMental Coach
The body follows the mind! So to get the peak results a sportsman wants to bring, it’s important to get the mind right. To get into the right mindset it’s important to know yourself and your body, and that is what Griet is all about. Starting out from an action type she learns me how to focus, ignore distractions and stay confident in challenging situations.
Maike Segers
Maike SegersPhysical Coach
Having a good skiing technique means nothing if you don’t have the strength to carry it out. Maike is responsible for our core strength, balance, explosivity and coordination. In order to do that, we work a lot with RedCords. Every seemingly easy exercise automatically becomes a full body workout done by only the weight of your body.