So. Finally arrived at the universiade in Kazachstan! :) Good to see that if I spontaneously awake at night and don’t remember where I’m at, I can easily see it on the bed :D #universiade2017 #athletes_village_kz

Photo taken at: Ледовый комплекс “Алматы Арена”

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Ukrainians don’t mess around. After a forced stay here in kiev they don’t go less than a full body search to my obvious terrorism face. Happy to have snapped this picture up, but the military guy forced me to delete the others. I guess I do have a little criminal in me. Sadly these Ukrainians are not up for a bribe, at least what the hundreds of pictures have to make me believe (you can’t take picture of that picture though, that’s a crime 😒. ) #sorrysergey #willnottakeapictureofaposteragain #wonttakeanotherpicture #yesideletedthemall #look #yesallofthemsergey *handsoverphone* #sergeydeletestherest #damn #ukrainianadventures #bringingsecuritytoanewlevel

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Them training views though. #nofilterneeded

Photo taken at: Muttereralm

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Freezing cold today brrrrr ❄️❄️❄️. Still, with the right clothing you can still get a great training! #cep

Photo taken at: Muttereralm

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Went things don’t go your way, there are 2 ways to deal with it. Find excuses or working on a way to make it work 💪.

Photo taken at: Body and Soul

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So not really the start of the new year that I had imagined, with a string of underwhelming results. Still, I feel that things are getting better each day, the materials seem to finally come together and the feeling is getting better every single turn. At the moment we just have to stick to the plan, try out a few more things, and then the results will come! 

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Last training of the year done. Thanks everyone that has supported us in 2016 and wishing everyone an awesome new year! @energetica_natura , @cepbelgium ,@citroenantwerpen, @republikskishop ,@marenostraalc , @kissingwax ,@185coachingcenter , @jdmreclamebureau

Photo taken at: Muttereralm

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Start of the season

So a small recap of my first races this season. In short, nothing great to report so far. We´re still trying to work out our new technique with our new equipment and it´s obviously still going to take a while before we can get everything on a desired level. So for the moment, we´re back to training and getting our number of slapped gates up, while taking races as a mean of comparison and progress-check!
Still the season is long, so nothing to worry about! 🙂

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Enjoying a Wednesday morning! ✌️

Photo taken at: Berger Alm

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Some might say it’s windy…

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