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Announcing: CEP!

We´re stoked to announce our new partnership with Cep. Cep is a producer of quality pressure socks for skiing and running among many other great stuff. It´s absoletely great to be sponsored by such a company and we are looking forward to all the cool stuff we´re going to get.
Welcome to the team CEP and thank you for the confidence!


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When you’re trying to chill, but the birds want to steal your skis. I’m watching you, bird Mcbirdy. #canttrustanyone #noteventhebirds #nature #skiing #summer #fun #smile

Photo taken at: Soelden

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Last time molenbergen 

There is always that one day in the week, where training get tougher. Where you need to go all out, and die several times to get better, you know it’s tough, but you also know that it’s crucial to take the next steps in your summer preparation. That preparation is now finished. We’ve successfully absolved our trainings and I’m looking forward to the upcoming winter! 

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Finally some skiing

So we went for some freeskiing today, getting the feeling back a bit after a long while of studying. Looking forward to standing on real snow again in the near future! =)

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You know the fun begins…  

… When these turn green! Some great attributes for mobility,  speed and focus training! 

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Master in international relations and diplomacy done! #whatdoidonow? #help?

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Suit up! Time to defend my thesis and finalize my studies :).

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Some balancing

Trying to mix things a bit up, with some balancing exercise to keep things fun! 

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Sunday cycle

What’s better than a Sunday morning cycle through the fascinating industrial areas of Antwerp? 

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A students obligatory picture of his thesis, combined with some hashtags describing how happy he is it’s finished. #happyitsfinished 😁

A students obligatory picture of his thesis, combined with some hashtags describing how happy he is it's finished. #happyitsfinished 😁”

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