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Update on my status

Hi everyone,

I know it´s been quiet from my side since a long time nowm but sadly that is because I simply have nothing to report.
My sickness still hasn´t been figured out, all we know is: It´s something special/unusual. I´ve been redirected to a team of docters now in the University Hospital of Antwerp who will hopefully give some answers. They seem to have found something, but they´re still doing some other tests to be sure.

In the meantime, i´m living day to day. No sports allowed, no intensity allowed, cause when I do something, I get tired very quickly.

This is proving to be the biggest challenge in my life so far, but I hope to bring some good news soon!

Thank you all for your support 🙂

By |juli 6th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

What a month. Echos, CT scans, mri, so many bloodtests I can’t even count them any more, emg, longfunction test, and so many other tests I can’t remember. Today it was time for an operation : a muscle biopsy. Let’s hope they figure out what the hell is wrong with me :).

Photo taken at: AZ Klina – Voluit voor Zorg

By |mei 24th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

It’s raining, but I don’t really care. I’m outside again! After a week of not breathing fresh air, I was finally able to leave the hospital today. Also good news is that my heart is undamaged according to the mri scan. It is however not all good news I’m afraid. I’m still forced to take a month break as my blood levels are still on the wrong side of the scale. Hopefully after that period everything will be fine again… #finallyfree

Photo taken at: Brasschaat

By |maart 1st, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

You know what we need? More heart sensors! Still under (very) tight control for the moment 🙄

By |februari 27th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

This kinda sums up February. Almost the whole month during every of the trainings, competitions and championships, I just didn’t feel good and was always tired. We decided to go back home to Belgium and get everything checked out. Sadly, today I’ve been diagnosed with myocarditis, a virus affecting the heart. I will have to put the rest of my season on hold for now and am forced to rest and recover.

By |februari 24th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

Money time! Arrived for the World championship in Sankt Moritz. Qualifications tomorrow and if everything goes fine the finals on Sunday. Didn’t really have the best preparation with all the sickness, but I hope the antibiotics (and all the rest) catch on (even though it’s 99% sure a virus…). Will nevertheless try my very best ✌️. #sanktmoritz #worldchampionship #thisiswhatwedoitfor #sickbutnotdead #yet #nosnownoshow

Photo taken at: St. Moritz 2017

By |februari 17th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

Every fairytale must come to an end and so does this one. What an amazing time I’ve had here in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Amazing country, people, buildings and artworks, and so many things to do and experience. More than 2000 athletes, 3000 volunteers, competing in 12 sports, with more than 64 countries present, and every competition broadcasted live in over 80 countries, resulting in over 1 billion (!), that’s views! The only venue that is bigger are the actual Olympic games! Overly proud to have had the honor to represent my university, University of Antwerp, and to have been part of team Belgium. I’ve had an amazing experience, and will never forget this wonderful country and its citizens! Thank you Almaty! Thank you Kazakhstan! #athletes_village_kz #almaty #almaty2017 #universiade2017 #universiade #alpineskiing #teambelgium #sports #sport #kazachstan #fun #amazing #universityofantwerp #ua @cepbelgium @republikskishop @energetica_natura @jdmreclamebureau @marenostraalc @kissingwax @185coachingcenter @citroenantwerpen

Photo taken at: Ледовый комплекс “Алматы Арена”

By |februari 8th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

Last day in the athletes village here in Almaty universiade. Packing my stuff and getting ready for the closing ceremony tonight. ✌️ #athletes_village_kz #kazachstan #almaty #universiade2017 #universiade #teambelgium

Photo taken at: Almaty, Kazakhstan

By |februari 8th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

So… That didn’t go as it was supposed to be. I guess next time I shouldn’t go against doctors orders when they tell me I cannot race 😐. My body just wasn’t ready for racing yet, and it was a struggle for life down the course. Everything was just too slow to keep up with this fast course. So, rather disappointing, but that’s ski racing. You simply have no chance if you’re not 100%. Now all I need is some rest, enjoy the rest of my stay here in the city of apples, Almaty, before the closing ceremony and my flight back to Europe. Thank you all for your best wishes and encouragements! You’re all amazing! 👍 @shymbulak #shymbulak #skiing #race #slalom #universiade2017 #universiade #almaty #kazachstan #crocing

By |februari 7th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments

So here is where it is going to happen tomorrow! @shymbulak ski resort! After almost two weeks of forced rest due to illness I was finally able to get my first turns on snow again. Am I nervous for tomorrow? Perhaps a bit. Am I ready for tomorrow? Absolutely not. Will I nevertheless try to put the hammer down? Absolutely! You can follow the event live on Eurosport (2?) or online on www.livefisu.tv First run will be at 5.00 am CET (yes I know 🙈), second run at 8.30 am CET #universiade2017 #almaty #shymulak #slalom #race #teambelgium #ua #universityofantwerp

Photo taken at: Shymbulak Ski Resort

By |februari 6th, 2017|Xan|0 Comments
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