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Sports, a healthy competition. Blood, sweat and tears throughout so many years, so that one can compete at the highest levels. This competition brings out the best in everyone of us, and inspires millions around the globe. Our sport, my sport: Alpine Skiing, is one of those beautiful competitions.
Sadly, this beautiful competition, this absolutely amazing thing also requires fairplay and honesty to come to fruition. It is at this point, once again, that it proves for the Belgian Ski Federation, that alpine skiing is more than just a sportive competition. It´s also about politics, nepotism and corruption. It is about preferring one to another, regardless of ones sportive abilities. It is about bringing some of your racers down, so that others may rise. It is about destroying careers and financial possibilities, so that instead one of the preferred racers can get that opportunity.
On this world championship, one of the biggest competitions I could participate in as a ski racer, as the best not injured Belgian ski racer, I´m getting blocked of participating in one of these major events, live broadcasted around the world. It would have been THE chance, a once in a lifetime opportunity, to battle against possibly the greatest ski racer of all times, Marcel Hirscher. A direct competition, right in the course next to him, bringing out my very best and to make it as hard for Hirscher as possible, and to show that even a small ski nation like Belgium, can perform at the highest of levels.
It is this possibility that has been taken away from me. Someone who tries everyday to bring his best. Who tries everyday to compete with the best. Who tries everyday to become one of the best.
It is a dream, for any ski racer to have done this. It is my dream taken away and shattered by the Belgian Alpine Ski Team.

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